September 29, 2023

Christmas in July

This weekend (July 28-29, 2018), the LEGO® Store is hosting a Christmas in July special. They hosted a similar event last year. This year, the freebie is the nutcracker set that was given out last November in conjunction with Brick Friday. So, if you missed it, now is your chance, but you have to spend over $99 to get it. I got one last November, so while I did take advantage of Christmas in July, I did not spend enough for the freebie.

This year’s Christmas in July freebie at the LEGO® Store.

So, what did I get? Well, I had not initially planned to get anything because I want the free box of plants that comes out on Wednesday. But, perusing the sales for the weekend, I did find one of the sets on my wish list. Back in January, I identified the City theme Mountain Arrest (60173) as a potential buy, because I wanted the black bear figurine. I am a sucker for LEGO® animals. I ended up scratching it off my list because the set value is so bad ($0.26/brick at full price). This weekend, it is one of the sets on sale, and you can get it for 20% off. The cost per brick is still pretty bad at $0.21. But, I decided to buy it anyway despite the horrible value, and the fact that I didn’t budget for this set. Why, you ask? Because I had a crap ton of VIP points. This set cost me $4.99 in the end.

My Christmas in July purchase.

The VIP program really is awesome. I always wait to buy my big, rare sets until double points come along. It doesn’t have to be a full on VIP event either, the LEGO® Store often has monthly sets that can earn you points. This purchase was the result of the store-wide double points event in March (when I bought Downtown Diner, click here to read about it), the June special on select Jurassic World sets (when I bought Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape, click here for that), and the store-wide double VIP points weekend in June (when I bought Destiny’s Bounty, review coming soon). Of course, I am a regular at the LEGO® Store, so there were some other, smaller purchases too. But, those points add up. In this case, my VIP points and the 20% off sale got me Mountain Arrest for $4.99.

Merry Christmas in July.

Did you take advantage of these sales? Or do you plan to? The list of sets for sale can be seen below. I would love to hear about your haul in the comments below!

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The follow sets are on sale for July 28 and 29, 2018 only. Each is 20% off. The following sets are still available online at the time of this writing. There are some other sets available in stores if you have one near you.

  • Batman Movie: Arkham Asylum for $143.99
  • Batman Movie: Batwing for $87.99
  • Batman Movie: Batmobile for $59.99
  • Batman Movie: Joker Notorious Lowrider for $51.99
  • Batman Movie: Bane Toxic Truck Attack for $51.99
  • Batman Movie: Riddle Racer for $31.99
  • Batman Movie: Scarecrow Special Delivery for $19.99
  • Batman Movie: Scarecrow Fearful Face-off for $13.59
  • City: Mountain Police Headquarters for $87.99
  • City: Mountain Arrest for $63.99
  • City: Cargo Terminal for $79.99
  • City: Bulldozer Break In for $71.99
  • City: Jungle Mobile Lab for $59.99
  • City: Heavy Duty Rescue Helicopter for $59.99
  • Classic: Large Brick Box for $47.99
  • Creator: Modular Family Villa for $71.99
  • Creator: Turbo Track Racer for $59.99
  • DC Comics: Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack for $51.99
  • Disney: Cinderella’s Dream Castle for $71.99
  • Elves: Breakout from the Goblin King’s Fortress for $71.99
  • Elves: Nuctura’s Tower & the Earth Fox Rescue for $63.99
  • Friends: Stephanie’s House for $71.99
  • Friends: Ski Lift for $59.99
  • Friends: Snow Resort Chalet for $39.99
  • Friends: Frozen Yogurt Shop for $39.99
  • Friends: Friendship House for $71.99
  • Friends: Ice Rink for $31.99
  • Friends: Hot Chocolate Van for $23.99
  • Marvel: Thor VS Hulk for $59.99
  • Marvel: Hulk VS Red Hulk for $55.99
  • Marvel: Ultimate Battle for Asgard for $51.99
  • Marvel: Captain America Jet Pursuit for $19.99
  • Minecraft: The Crafting Box 2.0 for $59.99
  • Minecraft: Waterfall Base for $71.99
  • Nexo Knights: Knighton Castle for $127.99
  • Ninjago: Ice Tank for $79.99
  • Ninjago: Temple of Resurrection for $71.99
  • Ninjago: Fire Mech for $71.99
  • Ninjago: Garma Mech Man for $59.99
  • Ninjago: Lightning Jet for $59.99
  • Ninjago: Manta Ray Bomber for $31.99
  • Ninjago: City Chase for $19.99
  • Star Wars: Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle for $95.99
  • Technic: Air Race Jet for $151.99
  • Technic: Hovercraft for $87.99
  • Technic: Container Yard for $59.99