October 3, 2023

LEGO-fied: Cher

Minifigure Monday takes a LEGO-fied twist this week with Cher… What can say about Cher that has not already been said? I like Cher. She is the only artist to have achieved a number one single on the Billboard charts in every decade since the 1960s. Whether you appreciate her music or not, you have to respect that. I went to see Cher in concert once with my two sisters. She can really put on a show. So, today, Cher gets the LEGO-fied treatment. While the first Cher song that I remember liking was Turn Back Time, most people probably know her for Believe, which was apparently one of biggest singles of all time. With that in mind, I decided to remake the Believe album cover.

Custom LEGO® Cher shot used to make the cover below.

For my LEGO® Minifigure version of Cher, I took a hairpiece that came in the Ninjago Dragon’s Forge set (click here to see my review). The body is from the figure skater seen in Minifigures Series 4. The face came in a City Volcano Explorers set, but is fairly widely available in several sets. The cover itself was pretty easy to make in Photoshop. I just applied some filters to a blue background, and superimposed my custom Minifigure onto it.

Until next time,


Cher’s Believe album cover LEGO-fied.