A-to-Z Challenge Reflection 2018

This year’s A-to-Z Challenge has come and gone. I have to say that I am feeling a little sad about that. But, there is one last post to make before it is officially over: my 2018 Challenge reflection. Last year, after my first challenge, I felt a little relieved. Joining the challenge in my first year had been a spur of the moment decision, and I scrambled through many of the posts. I decided last summer that I would try the challenge again, and began stockpiling posts in September. It was hard to keep from posting many of my projects for so long because I was quite proud of them. I was positively chomping at the bit to get the challenge started this year since I was much more organized and ready. I only scrambled with two posts this year. The challenge seemed to just fly by, and I am a little sad to see it go.

My theme for the A-to-Z Challenge this year was “LEGO-fied”. I took pop-culture posters and covers, and recreated them using LEGO Minifigures. If anyone has just found their way here and wants to have a look, or for those who want another look, here are the LEGO-fied posters that I made:



If you would like to read more about the development and inspiration behind these posters, here are links to the individual posts:

I suppose that my favorite posts were the more challenging ones to produce. My E, S, T, and V posts took me the longest, and I was quite proud of them. Judging based on views and likes across all the social media that I use, you guys liked “L” is for Life of Pi the most.

Despite being slightly down about the challenge ending, there is a silver lining. When I was brainstorming for this challenge, I came up with a lot of duplicate ideas for certain letters. So, who knows, maybe those will see the light of day in the coming weeks and months. Thanks for sharing this journey with me through the 2018 April A-to-Z Challenge, it has been a blast.

Until next time,




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