September 25, 2023

March 2018 Double VIP Points?

UPDATE (March 16, 2018): My source for this information was correct, double VIP points is now on at the LEGO Store!

Original Article:

What I am about to tell you should be taken only as a rumor at this point in time. As many of you know, for the past few years, the LEGO Store has had a double VIP points event every March. This year, there has been none advertised on the monthly calendars. I was at the LEGO Store today doing some pure procrastination. I asked the manager why there had not been a double VIP points event this March. He said it was not on the calendar, but he thinks that there is double VIP points set to begin on Friday, March 16. I have found no mention of this online anywhere. But, it would not be the first time that Canada was surprised with double VIP points. I believe it was two years ago in the summer, there was a double points event, and it was only advertised online the day it began. So, again, treat this as a rumor. But, be sure to check the LEGO Store come Friday, I know I will!

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