December 3, 2023

Minifigure Monday – The Tale of Larry (Part IV)

The Tale of Larry (Part IV)
(An original LEGO inspired poem from True North Bricks)

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As expected, time went by,
While he served coffee and pie.
To his college job he hung,
But, he had moved up a rung.

Now he was running the store,
Bathrooms did he scrub no more.
That was for the new recruits,
He’d already worn those boots.

Every day to work he’d walk,
Do his job and punch the clock.
Then back home to rest his brain,
Just to start over again.

Feeling he might go insane,
Not sure how to break the chain.
Wanting something to live for,
Larry dreamed of something more.

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This poem was inspired by Larry, the LEGO barista.

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