December 2, 2023

My First LEGO Purchase of 2018!

I told myself I was on a LEGO buying break… I told myself I would wait until I had built and reviewed all of my Christmas sets… I told myself I would only buy some Minifigures at the LEGO Store today… I swear the little devil on my shoulder works for LEGO, and the angel on the other shoulder gets a cut.

My first LEGO purchase of 2018!

I walked into the LEGO store today, and made my usual rounds looking for specials and new things. When I arrived at the City section, there was a wonderful double VIP points sign right next to one of my top 5 picks from the January 2018 catalogue (click here to read about them). I had planned to wait for this set to be on sale, but double points and the monthly freebie had the little devil on my shoulder screaming: “DO IT!” The angel on the other side was simultaneously whispering: “You do have that unused gift card from Christmas, so this set really won’t cost you anything…” My fate was sealed, and I bought set 60174, the Mountain Police Headquarters. I can’t tell you how excited I am to now have that mountain lion and log-suit guy…

The January 2018 LEGO Store freebie, set 30358, The Dragster

This month’s freebie was really nothing that I was dying to get, but I’ll always take free LEGO. There is another freebie at the end of the month, the 60 Years of LEGO kit. It is also not terribly exciting to me. This one at least comes with a Minifigure. Since it was free, I won’t review it as a proper set. But, here are my thoughts on the Dragster none the less.

LEGO Dragster, set 30358

I like the Minifigure that comes in this polybag. He doesn’t come with hair, but he does have a helmet with raising visor. His face is not double-sided, and has a fairly typical smirk printed on. His torso is printed on the front and back to look like a racing jacket. The pants are plain white.

LEGO Dragster, set 30358

The dragster is nothing special. There is no security for its driver, he just sits on top of it. I will re-purpose the pieces. It’s nice to get a Minifigure torso that I didn’t already have though. While you really can’t complain much about a free set, this is not one of my favorite LEGO Store freebies. I can’t wait to build my Mountain Police Headquarters though! As always, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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LEGO Dragster, set 30358