Coloring Page – Monkey

While rummaging through my LEGO animals bin, I came across one of my childhood favorites, the monkey from the Pirates theme. I’m talking the original Pirates here, all the way back in 1989. This monkey was first available in sets 6235 (Buried Treasure), 6270 (Forbidden Island), and 6285 (Black Seas Barracuda). I wish it would have seen the light of day again in the Jungle Exploration Theme this year. I like this monkey much more than the chimpanzee seen more recently in the Minifigures series because it has 8 points of articulation, and has Minifigure hands. While this monkey only had two colors, the great thing about a coloring page is that you can color it however you want! Click here for your free PDF, and happy coloring.


Pirates monkey coloring page sample.