December 2, 2023

A Canadian Traveler’s Guide to Buying LEGO – Part VI

Today, we’ll be taking a look at the worldwide cost of set 60158 – the Jungle Cargo Helicopter. If you have missed earlier parts of this series, you can check them out using the following links:

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LEGO Jungle Cargo Helicopter

I have to say that this is one of the sets that I find least attractive in the Jungle Exploration subtheme. In a theme where helicopters and ATVs abound, this set does not offer anything new. Granted, it is cheaper than many of the other sets, but is also does not come with any animals. And, no, I do not count the spider as an animal in this case. Other figurines, like the crocodile and big cats, do get Minifigure status in my eyes. But, the spider? It is more of an accessory in my books. However, you get two Minifigures, and 201 bricks. That gives this set a brick-to-Minifigure ratio of about 101:1, which is pretty good.

LEGO Jungle Helicopter Minifigures

In Canada, this set retails for $29.99. With the aforementioned brick count, that means that each piece will cost you about $0.15, which is a little above average ($0.14). Internationally, this set averages at a cost of $31.18, with a standard deviation of $3.79. So, out of the Jungle sets I have reviewed so far, this one is the most consistently priced around the world. It has a mean of about $0.16 per brick around the world.


The bar graph above shows the cost of the Cargo Helicopter in various countries around the world, converted into Canadian dollars. The best place to buy this set abroad is the United States, though the UK is not far behind. For most sets in this theme, it is cheaper to buy them in Canada as opposed to the USA. This set is an exception.

The LEGO Cargo Helicopter is cheapest in the United States.

The countries where you can buy this set, in order from best to worst value, are (rounded to the nearest dollar):

  1. USA ($26 CAD)
  2. UK ($27 CAD)
  3. Czech Republic, Poland ($28 CAD)
  4. Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Italy ($29 CAD)
  5. Canada ($30 CAD)
  6. Hungary ($31 CAD)
  7. Switzerland ($33 CAD)
  8. Denmark ($36 CAD)
  9. Finland, Norway, Sweden ($37 CAD)
  10. New Zealand ($38 CAD)
New Zealand once again finds itself as one of the most expensive places to buy LEGO.

Sadly, New Zealand once again finds itself at the bottom of the list, with the Fennoscandic nations not far behind. Be sure to let me know your thoughts in comments below. Also, come back tomorrow for the conclusion to the Canadian Traveler’s Guide to Buying LEGO!

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3 thoughts on “A Canadian Traveler’s Guide to Buying LEGO – Part VI

  1. Can logistics and distance be an explanation for the “bad score” for New Zealand and Scandinavia? Or higher “life standards” in these countries?

    1. Those are both good points, and I would say that you are probably right. Many of the countries where LEGO is expensive are more remote and have a high cost of living. Interestingly though, high cost of living does not always equate to high cost of LEGO. For example, Finland and France have about the same cost of living, but LEGO is much more costly in Finland…

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