September 28, 2023

Minifigure Monday – The Iceman Cometh

My theme for this week is the LEGO Batman Movie’s Mr. Freeze. I’ll have a review of the set he comes in later this week, in addition to yesterday’s colouring page (click here to get it). I won’t review the Minifigure here as that will be included in my post on the set later on. But, I will chat about the character a little.

Mr. Freeze first appeared in Batman #121 in 1959. His back story was that of a brilliant, yet socially awkward scientist named Victor Fries. He never had any friends until he fell in love with a woman named Nora. After getting married, Nora became terminally ill. Hoping to save her life, Fries cryogenically froze Nora to stop the spread of her disease. While working on a cure to her ailment, the company that Fries worked for (Gothcorp) pulled the funding for the research. An accident involving super-coolants altered Fries’ body chemistry, allowing him to only survive at sub-zero temperatures. In an act of revenge, Fries began to kill the Gothcorp executives. A conflict with Batman ensued, during which Fries accidentally blasted Nora’s cryogenic chamber with his freeze gun and she was shattered into pieces.

I have always liked Mr. Freeze as a villain. I found his origin tragic. Despite being an overall terrible movie, I still even watch Batman and Robin on occasion since Mr. Freeze is in it. It also reminds me of my teenage years when I might have even thought it was cool movie. My title today is actually a reference to line from Arnold Schwarzengger in the movie (which is actually a reference to an old Broadway production from the ’40s).

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LEGO Mr. Freeze – The Iceman Cometh…

One thought on “Minifigure Monday – The Iceman Cometh

  1. Mr Freeze is an excellent character and villain in the Batman mythos, but unfortunately he will always be associated with Arnold in my brain.

    Still haven’t seen the Lego Batman movie (my son went with his grandfather), but I think it’s out on streaming and video soon.

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