December 2, 2023

U is for Upcoming

A few times a year, LEGO releases a new wave of sets across all their themes. With summer fast approaching, the next wave is nearly upon us. The official images of these sets have begun to surface on retail websites around the world. I have collected some of these pictures, and I thought I would share my top 10 set picks from the upcoming summer line-up. Unlike my post about requisite Minifigures, these are purchases I want to make for the actual sets, not just the characters in them.

10. Coast Guard Headquarters (City 60167)
I am starting to develop a little coastline for my LEGO city, and this set comes with two boats and a coast guard station. I also really like the look of the helipad.


09. Modular Family Villa (Creator 31069)
or the purposes of expanding my residential area, this set seems like a must have. I look forward to seeing just how this set (and the other houses advertised as “modular”) are designed. It would be cool is they all follow the same idea as the larger Creator sets.

LEGO Creator – Modular Family Villa (31069)

08. Jungle Exploration Site (City 60161)
I am pretty excited about this set because it includes what looks like a leopard. I love when LEGO makes animals. I am also keen on this set because it has a wildlife biology sort of theme to it. It doesn’t make it higher on my list because of the inhibitive cost of the set. It has a lot of other fun looking features, but the leopard would be my main reason for buying it. It is a lot of money to spend for a leopard…

LEGO City – Jungle Exploration Site (60161)

07. Modular Modern Home (Creator 31068)
This looks like a neat little set with not too high a price point. It might end up being one of those sets that I buy two of in order to make a larger modular. Again, this one is apparently already modular, so we will have to see how I feel about it once I have seen it in person.

LEGO Creator – Modular Modern Home

06. People Pack – Fun at the Beach (City 60153)
Last year saw the release of Fun in the Park, which I thought was an ok set. It was way over priced, and this one looks like it will be too. But, Fun in the Park has been on sale numerous times at Toys R Us and Walmart, so I anticipate this one will also be available periodically at a lower price. It is always great to get new Minifigs for my city, and this one comes with a dolphin. This set will go well with the coastline I am making in my LEGO city too!

LEGO City – Fun at the Beach (60153)

05. Wonder Woman Warrior Battle (DC Super Heroes 76075)
I am very much looking forward to the new Wonder Woman movie this summer. I am also super happy that LEGO is releasing a set based on the film. The Wonder Woman Minifigure in this set looks very similar to the one released for the Batman V Superman movie set, Sky High Battle. I was not interested in that set, so I couldn’t justify the high cost of the set just to get the Wonder Woman Minifig, which I did really want. This new set comes at a much lower cost, and Wonder Woman will come with an alternate cape and hood, making her worth the wait!

LEGOS DC Comics Super Heroes CR: LEGO/DC Comics
LEGO DC Super Heroes – Wonder Woman Warrior Battle (76075)

04. Jungle Mobile Lab (City 60160)
I love science related sets, so anything with a lab and lab equipment is a must have. I will have to take a closer look at the interior of this set to be sure, but based on the description it sounds right up my alley. You also get a crocodile (I don’t have one of these newer designs, I only have the classic pirates crocodiles).

LEGO City – Jungle Mobile Lab (60160)

03. Jungle Halftrack Mission (City 60159)
My reason for wanting this set can be summarized in two words: black panther. Much like the leopard in the Jungle Exploration Site, this panther is a must have for me. This set rates higher on my top 10 list than the Jungle Exploration Site because it is a much cheaper way to get a LEGO big cat.

LEGO City – Jungle Halftrack Mission (60159)

02. Space Shuttle Explorer (Creator 31066)
Again, this is a nice looking science based set. I already have the City Space Port though, so what really intrigues me about this set is the 3-in-1 build option, and more specifically the living module set-up seen on the box. This set also looks like it will not be that expensive.

LEGO Creator – Space Shuttle Explorer (31066)

01. Bus Station (City 60154)
My LEGO city does not have a bus yet, but it does have bus stop signs. So, I really need to get a bus going there. I like adding these sorts of realistic touches to the city. It might be worth even getting more than one bus.

LEGO City – Bus Station (60154)

Well, there you have it. Those are my top picks from the upcoming LEGO summer 2017 line-up. What do you think? Are there other sets you are looking forward to more?

This post is part of the April A-to-Z blogging challenge. You can read more about the challenge by visiting the official website. Be sure to check back tomorrow for my LEGO themed letter “V” post!

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7 thoughts on “U is for Upcoming

  1. I like the animals as well. We have several zoo and farm animals from duplo sets my kids played with when they were small. The alligator with the moving jaw is the coolest. Most of the legos we buy today are part of the Friends series for my daughter. She has just about all of the amusement park sets. The coolest one from those is probably the arcade since some of the games actually work.

    Z is for Zika Virus

  2. We just found out yesterday that our son will be getting his tonsils out in June, and he’s already requested a LEGO set from the “tonsil fairy.” 🙂

    Those jungle exploration sets are really cool, he loves hidden treasures and temples. He’s also been asking for a Batmobile, and has been saving his money for it.

    I looked up the new Star Wars sets and they have a new Snowspeeder that he would LOVE, but it’s close to 2000 pieces. Might be a bit excessive…

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