Canadian LEGO Deals (Feb.17-23, 2017)
If you play Dimensions, there are a number of packs on sale. Also, while they do not sell LEGO sets in store, Best Buy does offer them online. Currently, there are a few sets on sale, including:

  • City – Spaceport for $126.99
  • Creator – Blue Power Jet for $75.99
  • Star Wars – Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle for $126.99

The LEGO Store:

The Clown/Disco Batman promotion continues, wherein you can get the aforementioned Minifigures for free with purchases over $75. Any purchase will also get you a free LEGO Batman Movie poster. The following deals are available online:

  • Romantic Valentine Picnic for $5.99
  • Birthday Table Decoration for $5.99
  • Santa Claus for $5.99
  • City – Crooks’ Island for $31.99
  • City – Fire Utility Truck for $39.99
  • Creator – Beach Hut for $31.99
  • Disney Princess – Arendelle Castle Celebration for $59.99
  • Nexo Knights – Merlok’s Library for $23.99
  • Nexo Knights – Infernox Captures the Queen for $23.99
  • Nexo Knights – Ultimate Lavaria for $10.39
  • Nexo Knights – Army Building sets for $8.99
  • Ninjago – Temple of Airjitzu for $183.99
  • Ninjago – Airjitzu Battle Grounds for $59.99
  • Ninjago – Jay Walker One for $39.99

Toys R Us:
There are a number of Classic, Creator, Friends, Marvel, and Star Wars sets on sale this week for 20% off. The website advertises over 130, so I will not list them all here. If you are in the market for any of those themes, definitely check it out. Click here to visit the sales page.

The following sets are on sale:

  • Angry Birds – Piggy Pirate Ship for $59.94
  • Elves – Aira’s Pegasus Sleigh for $35
  • Nexo Knights – Chaos Catapult for $9.94
  • Ninjago – Chain Cycle Ambush for $30
  • Ninjago – Titanium Ninja Tumbler for $31.88

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