October 1, 2023

Canadian LEGO Deals (Dec. 2-8, 2016)

The LEGO Store: Purchases over $75 will get you the 2017 LEGO Calendar. Not sure about this year, but in the past there have been freebie coupons inside to use throughout the year…

Toys R Us: There are some great deals to be had at Toys R Us this week! Spending over $50 will earn you a $10 gift card for LEGO purchases in the month of January. You will also get a small, free “Santa’s Visit” set on purchases over $50.  In addition, you can save 20% off of the following sets:

  • All City sets over $49.99
  • All Marvel Super Heroes sets under $149.99
  • All Star Wars Rogue One sets
  • All Minecraft sets over $49.99
  • All Nexo Knights sets
  • Friends sets over $49.99

Chapters/Indigo: If you use the code “15GIFT” you can get 15% off of online purchases from December 1 – 5. Unlike many of Chapters’ other promotions, this one actually includes LEGO (with the exception of Mindstorms).


  • Angry Birds – Piggy Pirate Ship $59.94
  • Marvel Super Heroes – Airport Battle $79.86
  • Ninjago – Tiger Widow Island for $44.94
  • Star Wars – Ewok Village $254.88
  • Star Wars – Resistance X-Wing for $79.86
  • Star Wars – Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptor for $24.86
  • Star Wars – TIE Fighter $195.38
  • Star Wars – Droid Escape $24.86

Canadian Tire: Though they do no regularly carry LEGO throughout the year, at Christmas, Canadian Tire does have a small selection. Some of those sets are currently 20% off, but selection will vary from store to store.