September 28, 2023

Welcome to True North Bricks!

Well, that was a job and a half! I just spent the day getting True North Bricks set up on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,and YouTube… But, here I am with my first blog. I suppose my goal in all this is to share my hobby. Who am I sharing it with? You, I guess, if you are reading this. I love LEGO. It is my biggest hobby at this stage in life. I am slowly building a LEGO city. I want to start reviewing sets here, sharing the deals that I find here in Canada, and talking about whatever else LEGO related comes to mind.

For my first bit of news, here’s a tip for LEGO fans in Quebec. Maxi & CIE has some City sets on sale this weekend, including:

  • 60073 – Service Truck ($26.37)
  • 60074 – Bulldozer ($42.37)
  • 60078 – Utility Shuttle ($26.37)
  • 60092 – Deep Sea Submarine ($42.37)
  • 60113 – Rally Car ($10.37)
  • 60116 – Ambulance Plane ($19.97)
  • 60119 – Ferry ($31.97)

Remember also that the LEGO Store has Double VIP points going on right now, and some Easter sales of their own. Meanwhile, Toys R Us has a LEGO Dimensions promo this week in which you can get 40% off of your second level pack, team pack, or fun pack. Finally, purchasing LEGO at Chapters will earn you 10x the plum points until March 31, and you will entered in a draw for a $1000 LEGO shopping spree.

Happy building!